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The scientific journal Prohuman publishes original theoretical or empirical contributions of Slovak authors and authors from abroad focused on social, pedagogical issues and psychological sciences.

Publishing opportunities

The Prohuman magazine is intended not only for professionals but for students and public in case they are interested in the mentioned topics. The Prohuman magazine creates space mainly for publishing scientific papers, helpful and up-to date information, e.g. events invitations, conferences, announcements, education courses, anthologies, related magazine ads and others.

It was founded in 2009 by a publishing house and civic association Business Intelligence Club, o.z. The magazine is operated on the website http://www.prohuman.sk and thanks to that it is available for the general professional and lay public. Articles are published in Slovak, Czech, Polish or English.

We can publicize the conference proceedings or other publications in electronic form and post in our library. This is one of the presentation forms. Do not allow the valuable information to be forgotten. If you want to save print expenses, you can publish your papers in our company in PDF.

Presentation of your projects and activities realized not only in foreign countries as photo journals

We can offer to bring an attention to projects not only from foreign or developing countries, but also from home. We can introduce the environment of work, services or education with using photojournalism, photos with short textual descriptions. The publishing in the Prohuman Magazine will create long-running and attractive publicity.

Registration of the author for publishing in Prohuman


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Radi publikujete ale nemáte dobrú skúsenosť s inými časopismi? Publikujte články v časopise Prohuman a podcasty na Prohuman AI. Hľadáme práve Vás!