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The first registration of an author or a person interested in publishing
Newcomers interested in publishing register online using this form:
The editorial office does not respond to anonymous emails that lack contact information such as a name, surname, and telephone contact. Therefore, it is necessary to use this form. It will ease our mutual communication. In the case you have already published with us, you do not have to register again, just contact the editorial office by email:

Membership fees for individuals and authors
Types of membership fees:

Annual membership fee for author 50 €
Monthly membership fee 30 €
Annual membership fee for full-time students 20 €

Articles can be published by the members of our civil association. The membership can be attained after registration and payment of the annual membership fee. Membership lasts 12 months after the payment. During the period, the author can publish an unlimited number of articles.
Provided that there are two or more co-authors, each additional co-author no longer pays the membership fee.
For full-time students, there is a discounted annual membership fee.
The membership fee does not apply to writers in the blogs section, they just need to fill out our registration form.
The membership fee does not apply to writers who assist in running the journal: reviewers or other people involved in our activities.
The membership fee is assessed individually in the case of authors from countries outside the European Union, for example from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, but also from countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and many others. Please inquire by email.

Forms of articles that we publish:

  • scientific articles (possibility of indexing the articles)
  • professional articles (possibility of indexing the articles)
  • information articles
  • photographic reporting
  • collection of papers in pdf
  • books or other publications in pdf
  • announcements
  • news releases
  • blogs
  • review

Indexing of articles in international databases of scientific publications

DRJI Indexed Journal

The Prohuman journal is included in the international index of scientific, research and educational publications DRJI - Directory of Research Journals Indexing:

We register in the DRJI index:

  • scientific articles,
  • professional articles.

For indexing, the article must contain a title, an abstract, keywords in Slovak and English. We have registered articles published since 2015. If you want your articles to be read and cited by professional public from other countries, we recommend that you also publish the texts in English.

The Prohuman is indexed in databases of EBSCO.

We register with EBSCO:

  • scientific articles,
  • professional articles.

Advertising content and membership fees for organizations

Advertising and PR articles are charged at a membership fee:

Article 20 €
Annual membership fee for non-profit organizations and civic associations from 100 €
Annual membership fee for companies, state and public sector from 200 €

The publisher may grant a reduction from the fee for advertising and PR articles for those clients who regularly publish scientific and professional texts in the journal or participate in running the journal.
The condition for publication of announcements for conferences, conference proceedings or reports from conferences is the reference to The Prohuman journal as a media partner in the mentioned materials.
The journal will not publish advertising contents that do not correspond to scientific and professional knowledge, or contents that harm the purposes for which the journal was created.

Articles form

  • author’s page: 30 lines, 60 keystrokes, or 1800 characters including gaps, type space between lines 1,5 (for ease of reference, see and use the article template in the attachment),
  • page margins alignment left, do not split words, numbered notes at the end of the article,
  • bibliography at the end of the article,
  • do not use footnote references. Provide the text in the form of notes at the end of the article, below the bibliography, not at the bottom of all the pages,
  • do not forget to write your name, address of your place of work, phone/mobile number, email address,
  • scientific and professional article must contain its title also in English, an abstract in Slovak and English and keywords in Slovak and English.

Recommended range of the article

  • studies and scientific articles (within 20 author’s pages),
  • professional articles (within 15 author’s pages),
  • articles like discussions, polemics, and informative articles (5 – 10 author’s pages),
  • reviews (3 – 5 author’s pages),
  • book trailers (3 – 5 author’s pages, the trailer must include the cover of the book (in PDF, JPG, or v PNG), content without page numbering, introduction, conclusion, imprint),
  • information notices (events, education, conferences etc.) and PR articles (1 – 3 author’s pages).

Tips for writing articles
A scientific-professional article should contain as little theory and paraphrasing or citation of other authors as possible, and as much of empirical part as possible. Our reader is mainly interested in the author’s own contribution to the topic.

We recommend that the cited literature is not older than 5 years, as older information had often been published many times elsewhere. The exception applies to texts where this is explicitly required in the context of the article, for example for the purpose of comparison with the current situation.

The number of attachments and images is not limited. Images and graphs must be of such quality and resolution that they are suitable for publication and easy to read. Please send them also as attachments, not just placed in text, because in that way they have may already been reduced.
When writing an article, use and respect the template in the appendix.

We publish unique content that is not published in other media before publishing by us. We want our readers to find only the latest information. Parts of the papers could be presented at conferences, for example, but the whole article must be original and unique.

Review procedure
The Prohuman is a peer-reviewed journal. We forward informative, scientific, and professional articles to two reviewers to draw up reviews. The review procedure is anonymous, the author does not know the reviewers and the reviewers do not have the author’s name available. The author is informed about the reviewers’ point of view. The length of the review procedure depends on the number of pages of the paper, but also on the complexity of the topic of the paper. It usually ranges from 2 to 30 days.

The journal does not have a publishing plan, as it does not publish thematically oriented issues. The topics of the articles are chosen by the author himself. Sometimes there are topics that authors can subscribe to on the front page of the journal. We publish articles after receiving them, as soon as possible, or after approval by reviewers.

The final proofreading is provided by the author himself. We can provide editing at our editorial office, but only within the current capacity options, depending on the length of the text as well as the extent of the necessary proofreading.

The royalties
The journal has no paid published content for readers and does not pay for published papers.

According to Creative Commons, the published papers are under the license:
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)
,,This license allows others to non-commercially modify, improve, and create derivative works based on this work, provided that they cite the author of the original work and that these newly created works are exhibited under the same terms – under the same license.”
More information about Creative Commons in English HERE.
More information about Creative Commons in Czech HERE.

The author of an article does not give up the author’s rights in favor of the journal and can publish its parts on other occasions. We promote free reproduction of professional and scientific information.

Are you interested in a blog post?
Prohuman Blog is a service designed for publishing copyright content created by bloggers independent of the service provider. The operator of the Prohuman Blog is the Club business intelligence, c. a., as well as of the journal.

There is no legal right to set up a blog of a specific person at the Prohuman Blog. The operator is interested in making the services of the Prohuman Blog available to the wider public but reserves the right to refuse a person interested in setting up a blog – a blogger, even without giving a reason.

The blogger is not obliged to publish his real identity on the blog, although the operator recommends doing so.

Content created and published by the blogger on the website the Prohuman Blog is the property of the blogger, to whom the operator provides media space and technical means for publishing the content. The operator does not have the copyright to the content of the blogger and may use it without a separate agreement with the blogger only in a way that is expressly allowed by these conditions. The author is responsible for all content that he publishes through the If a blogger grants the rights to publish articles on his blog to other people, he also assumes responsibility for the content published on the blog by them.

A blogger must not publish foreign texts or their parts on his own blog under his name. He may cite other sources, but under the Copyright Law. However, the sources of the text and its author must be stated. If another internet medium is cited, it is appropriate to state the link to the cited source. Indeed, the link should not be in the short introduction to the blog article.
Blogger’s articles/texts should be written exclusively for the blog on the Prohuman Blog.

New applicants for publication register online using this form:
The editorial office does not respond to anonymous emails that lack contact information such as a name, surname and telephone contact. Therefore, it is necessary to use this form, which will ease our mutual communication.

If you have already published with us, you do not have to register repeatedly, just contact the editorial office by email at Posts that you want to post to your blog are also sent to the address provided.


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