Free resources for social work educators - november 2013

nov 13 2013

Journals, collections

International Social Work Journal (ISW) November Edition is now available! Great articles from Turkey, Ethiopia, and more! Go to:
Please, remember individual members of the IASSW have free access to all on-line papers of ISW.

FREE ONLINE TRIAL FOR 2013 Journal ‘Critical and Radical Social Work’. See more at:

FREE ACCESS Article Collection from Routledge for November (Theme of the month -Discrimination: Economy; Gender; Race; Identity) -

FREE till 31st Dec, 2013 ARTICLES from International Journal of Health Promotion and Education -

Papers and articles

FREE ACCESS FOR THE IASSW INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS to paper 'Pre-salt oil, royalties, and sovereign and social funds in Brazil: Challenges and social control' by Frederico Lisboa Romao published on 8 November 2013 in International Social Work (OnlineFirst articles) -

FREE ACCESS to paper ‘The Postmodern ‘Turn’ in Social Work: The Challenges of Identity and Equality’ by Lena Dominelli (UK), President on the IASSW (1996-2004) in Social Work and Society, 2007, Vol. 5, No 3 -

FREE ACCESS to paper 'Race, Power and Social Action in Neighborhood Community Organizing: Reproducing and Resisting the Social Construction of the Other' by Carmen Lavoie (2012) in Journal of Community Practice, Vol 20, Issue 3 -

FREE ACCESS to paper 'Elder Caregiving in South-Asian Families in the United States and India' by Rashmi Gupta, Vijayan K. Pillai, in Social Work and Society, 2012, Vol 10, No 2 -

FREE ACCESS to paper ‘Crisis, austerity and the future(s) of social work in the UK’ by Iain Ferguson, Michael Lavalette in Critical and Radical Social Work, 2013, Vol 1, N 1 -

FREE (OPEN) ACCESS to paper 'Embodying Social Work as a Profession: A Pedagogy for Practice' by Maura B. Nsonwu, Kathleen Casey, Sharon Warren Cook , and Noel Busch Armendariz (USA) in SAGE Open, 2013 -

FREE ACCESS to paper ‘But I'm Too Stressed to Learn About Groups!:” Using Stress-Management Groups to Teach Group Work Skills’ by Jennifer Clements and Dorlisa Minnick, in Social Work With Groups, 2012, Vol. 35, Issue 4 -

FREE ACCESS in November to paper ‘Knowledge integration in public health: a rapid review using systems thinking’ by Riley, Barbara; Norman, Cameron D.; Best, Allan in Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 2012, Vol 8, N 4 -

FREE ACCESS to paper 'Cultural Competence Revisited' by Ann Marie Garrana* & Lisa Werkmeister Rozasa in Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 2013, Vol 22, Issue 2 -

Reports and presentations
FREE DOWNLOAD of the report 'The geography of poverty, disasters and climate extremes in 2030' compiled by the Overseas Development Institute in London and launched in October 2013 -

Presentation ‘Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: A Voice for Development’ by Prof. Antoinette Lombard (South Africa), a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Schools of Social Work on The Voices For Development Conference (September, 2013, Johannesburg) is available here:


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